Nature as beautiful as nowhere else. Durban is the perfect point to be for planning tours to Lesotho, the Drakensberg or the valley of thousand hills. The Dam with Waterfalls present perfect hide aways from the city life. 

Certainly a stunning corner of this world.

Surfer´s Paradise

A surfing paradise … for beginners as well as for professionals!

As in many places along the coastline in South Africa, the beaches are stunning and the waves simply great for surfing. You can choose between many surfing spots, and diving areas, to swim with sharks, dolphins or simply enjoy the beautiful underwater world through diving trips.

And btw: No shark attacks for over 20 years!! 

Inanda dam

Stunning hidden nature places. The Dam is not only great for going for a swim. At the right spots you can come across some wildlife too. 

If come along with us on a buggy ride through the towns and remote areas around the Dam, you can be sure of getting a proper South Africa experience with locals, wildlife and african vibes.



The Mzinyathi falls are just a 30 minutes drive away from town, and they are surely one of the hidden spots in africa. You are tired of touristy places? Take a half day trip up to the waterfalls, chat to the locals on the way, and go on an easy hike down the Mzinyathi Gorge.

Rastafarian caves

Not far from the Mzinyathi falls, you can discover more Zulu culture, by hiking to the other end of the Mzinyathi Gorge. For hundred of years people have been living in these caves, which can also be seen by the cave paintings. 

Up for an adventure? Pack a sleeping bag and a lot of Mosquito repellent, and have a night out in the caves 🙂

Valley of thousand hills

Has anyone really bothered to count them?…Probably not, but they are incredibly stunning from some carefully chosen view points. 

Take half a day to cruise around through hills and nature. Even better in the beach buggy to enjoy the wind in your hair.


The Drakensberg are a stunning strip in this world. Wherever you turn, it is beauty and astounding sights. It is about 3 hours from Durban to get to the most popular hiking trails, and zulu caves. Perfect for a 1 or 2 day trip into the wild.

Fun fact: Table mountain is not the highest mountain in South Africa, as claimed by lots of tourist attraction in Cape Town. Drakensberg (3.482m) is almost three times as high then the popular table mountain (1.085m). 

Oribi Gorge

The Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve is a wonderfully scenic area offering excellent hiking opportunities. The area boasts cliffs and forests and spectacular hiking trails as well as picnic sites. 

And if you feel brave enough, you can try the Bunjee-swing for the extra adrenalin-kick.